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Configuration and File Load Error Codes

Table 20 lists error codes for configuration file load errors. These errors indicate a problem with the operating environment or the Siebel installation.

Table 20.  EIM Error Codes for Configuration File Load Errors (301-399)
Message Text
Invalid section beginning in configuration file.
EIM detected a syntax error at the beginning of the header section, or the section contents were invalid.
Check that the header section begins with exactly [Siebel Interface Manager] and that each of its parameters is valid.
Configuration file does not begin with a section.
The first nonblank, noncomment line in the configuration file was not the beginning of a process section.
Correct the configuration file to begin with [Siebel Interface Manager].
Variable name is not a legal token.
The name of a parameter in the configuration file is not valid. Note that all the text before the equal sign (=) is considered to be the parameter name.
Correct any invalid variable names.
No value part of the assignment.
A parameter assignment was missing the equal sign (=) or had no value after the equal sign.
Make sure that parameter names and values are separated by an equal sign and that each parameter has a value.
Invalid token for right-hand side.
The value of a parameter was not quoted, but could not be interpreted as a token.
Check that values which are not simple tokens are enclosed in quotation marks.
Invalid string for right-hand side.
The value for a parameter began with a quotation mark, but could not to be interpreted as a string.
Check that quotation marks are paired. Also check the validity of the quoted string.
Trailing garbage at end-of-line.
There is extra text after the parameter value.
Delete the trailing text.
End-of-line in quoted string.
The end of the line was found before the string-terminating double-quote mark (").
Make sure the string is properly ended on this line or continued with \ at the end of the line.
End-of-file in parenthesized expression.
The end of the file was found before the closing parenthesis for an expression value.
Make sure each open parenthesis is matched with a closing parenthesis.
Unexpected number of values given.
More values were specified for the variable than were expected. Values are separated by unquoted commas.
No header section is found in .ifb file.
The .IFB file is missing the header section.
For directions on setting up a header section, see Header Section Parameters Generic to All EIM Processes.

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 Published: 05 January 2004