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Parameters Used for Merges in Both the Header and Process Sections

Table 16 describes the parameters that can appear in either the header section or a process section, and are specific to a merge process. For generic parameters that can be used in all EIM processes, see Process Section Parameters Generic to All EIM Processes.

Table 16.  Merge Process Parameters for the EIM Configuration File - Header and Process Sections
Specifies whether set-based logging is enabled. The default value is TRUE.
Note: EIM will ignore this parameter if Docking Transaction Logging is set to FALSE in the System Preferences view.
For more information on this parameter, see SET BASED LOGGING Parameter.
Specifies whether the foreign key (or keys) that reference the merged rows in the named table need to be adjusted. Valid values are TRUE (the default) and FALSE.
Note: Use the UPDATE ROWS = Table_Name, FALSE setting carefully. Inappropriate use can result in dangling foreign key pointers.


When set-based logging is enabled, a separate log entry is generated for all rows in each table affected by EIM. This allows greater performance improvement because EIM can perform the operations as set operations in SQL, without resorting to row-by-row processing to support the transaction log. Set-based transaction logging is most useful when a table is read-only to mobile Web clients. Set-based logging is always the default for merge. The SET BASED LOGGING parameter must be set to TRUE to allow transaction logging for merge.

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 Published: 05 January 2004