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Table Optimization for EIM Processing

This section discusses ways that you can optimize tables for EIM processing.

Configuration Parameters

Limit base tables and columns to be processed. Four EIM parameters can help improve performance by limiting the affected tables and columns:

The only base Columns parameter is critical for the performance of an EIM process updating a few columns in many rows.

NOTE:  Do not use the IGNORE BASE COLUMNS parameter for merge processes or export processes. This parameter should only be used for import processes and delete processes.

For other suggestions involving parameter settings, see Parameter Settings Optimization for EIM.


Verify that all indexes exist for the tables involved. In most implementations, the tables and corresponding indexes in the following list tend to be the most heavily used and should be separated across devices. In general, the following indexes should be on different physical devices from the tables on which they are created.

For organizations that plan to use EIM extensively, you should put your key EIM tables (based on your unique business requirements) on different devices from the Siebel base tables, because all tables are accessed simultaneously during EIM operations.

You can speed up deletes and merges involving S_ORG_EXT by adding an index to one or more columns. For more information, see Adding Indexes to Improve Performance of S_ORG_EXT.

Maintenance of EIM Tables

Perform regular table maintenance on EIM tables. Frequent insert or delete operations on EIM tables can cause fragmentation in the table. Ask your database administrator to detect and correct fragmentation in the EIM tables.

Always delete batches from EIM tables upon completion. Leaving old batches in the EIM table wastes space and can adversely affect performance. For other suggestions on working with batches, see Limiting the Number of Records and Rows for Merge Processes.

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 Published: 05 January 2004