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Creating Event Management Activities

An activity in eEvents Manager for Finance is an action item, such as creating collateral, that needs to be assigned and completed prior to the start of an event. These action items are entered using the Activities view tab in Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance.

NOTE:  Some view tabs have names that closely resemble typical event action items, but which are, in fact, reserved for the products of action items. For example, the Collateral view tab is where collateral, a product, is stored after an individual creates collateral, an action. Use the Activities view to list action items such as creating collateral and to assign them to specific individuals.

During this phase of event management, you enter activities for the event and its subevents. Then, during the next phase of event management, event preparation, you assign the activities to specific staff members, and track activity progress.

When entering activities, you can enter records individually for each event, or you can create a reusable activity template, which automatically associates a set of activities with any event you choose.

You can also combine individual activities with activities from an activity template. If some activities in an activity template do not apply to an individual event, they can be removed from the event without affecting the template.

The following procedure describes how to create a reusable activity template for an event.

To create an Activity Template for an event

  1. From the application-level menu, select Application Administration > Activity Templates.
  2. In the Activity Templates list, create a new activity template.
    1. In the Type field, select Event Management.
    2. Leave the Sales Stage and Sale Method fields blank, because they do not apply to Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance activities.
    3. Select the Auto Trigger check box to automatically generate an activity list when the template is associated with an event.
  3. In the Activity Templates Details tab, create a new activity template detail record for each activity associated with the activity template.
  4. For information on creating activity templates, see Applications Administration Guide.

The following procedure describes how to add an individual activity to a subevent.

To add an activity to a subevent

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View >Site Map >Events > Sub-Events.
  2. Click the Activities view tab, and, in the Activities list, click New.
  3. Fill in the fields, as needed.
  4. A modified list of activities appears.

For more information on working with activities, see Siebel eFinance Guide.

 Siebel eEvents Management Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 18 April 2003