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Getting Started

This chapter lists the applications administration tasks that are specific to Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance. Use this chapter in combination with Applications Administration Guide.

Applications Administration Guide covers the setup tasks that are common to all Siebel eBusiness Applications, such as using license keys, defining employees, and defining your company's structure. It also provides the information you will need to implement, configure, and monitor the Siebel sales, service, and marketing products and to perform data administration and document administration tasks.

Some tasks discussed in this chapter replace the corresponding ones in the administration guide, whereas others are additional tasks. Make sure you review Table 1 before following the procedures in Applications Administration Guide.

This guide assumes that you have already installed or completed the upgrade of Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance. If you have not, go to the Installation/Upgrade section of the Siebel Bookshelf CD-ROM and click the links to the guides that are relevant to your company's implementation.

The Siebel database server installation script creates a Siebel administrator account that can be used to perform the tasks described in this guide. For more information, see Siebel Server Administration Guide and the Siebel Server Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

CAUTION:  Do not perform system administration functions on your local database. Although there is nothing to prevent you from doing this, it can have serious results, such as data conflicts, an overly large local database, or a large number of additional transactions to route.

 Siebel eEvents Management Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 18 April 2003