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OR_GetSaveConfigName function overrides the default dialog box for saving a configuration.




OR_GetSaveConfigName overrides the default functionality provided by GetSaveConfigName. GetSaveConfigName is automatically called from SaveConfig when you save a configuration. A dialog box opens, asking the user to name the configuration, and gives you the option to update the configuration if it already exists, saving it as a new configuration, or canceling the operation.

Using OR_GetSaveConfigName, you can change the prompt text or allow the user to enter a configuration name by another method. For example, you could create a text field into which the user can enter a configuration name directly on the Inputs page.

To use this function, write code that obtains the name of the configuration from the user, and then call GotSaveConfigName() using the configuration name as an argument. Like GetSaveConfigName, OR_GetSaveConfigName is automatically called from SaveConfig.


function OR_GetSaveConfigName(data_state) {

if (ol_ui.mainArea.document.forms[0].config_name.value == "") {
alert('Please enter a name for the configuration to save!');
else {
OL.GotSaveConfigName(ol_ui.mainArea.document.forms[0] .config_name.value);

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 Published: 18 April 2003