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LDAP Passwords

You can change the WebLogic user system's LDAP password or the LDAP user directory manager's password.

WebLogic User System's Password

If you change this password, you must make sure that your user system's password in the LDAP system matches the one in the file. You cannot set this property in the property editor. In the file, edit the following line (all WebLogic servers require this line of code) that specifies the password for the user system:


If you change this password in the file, you must change it in the LDAP system as well. Use the directory console (the GUI tool) provided by the LDAP server to change the password for the user system in the LDAP server.

NOTE:  All WebLogic servers sharing the same LDAP system must have the same password for the user system.

LDAP User Directory Manager's Password

During installation, the Netscape LDAP directory server requires that you specify a password for the user directory manager. Update the property LDAP Credential in the property editor with the same password. The script file uses this user (Directory Manager and its password) to log in to LDAP and make changes.

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 Published: 18 April 2003