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Install Transact Server on Solaris

When you install Siebel Transact on Solaris, the installation directors vary according to whether WebLogic or WebSphere is the application server.

To install Transact Server on Solaris

  1. Run install_transactWL (WebLogic Application Server) or install_transactWS (WebSphere Application Server) from the install directory.
  2. NOTE:  Make sure you have not set SIEBEL_ROOT environment.

  3. Enter the location where you want to install Transact Server.
  4. Type Y to create a new installation directory (if it does not already exist).
  5. Type Y to accept the setting for Transact Server.
  6. Start the configuration setup.

To start the configuration setup

  1. Enter the WebLogic or WebSphere Root directory.
  2. If the installer cannot locate the WebLogic directory, the setup will exit. Once you exit, you have to restart from step 1.

  3. Type in the WebLogic or WebSphere Host name.
  4. Type in the LDAP host name.
  5. Type in the LDAP domain name.
  6. Type in the eAdvisor URL.
  7. Type in the SMTP host name.
  8. Type in the Java Path.
  9. You can at a later time modify the items in Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 using the property editor.

 Siebel Interactive Selling Transact Server Interface Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003