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Working With the DTD

Transact translates a configuration into an XML string which it can pass to the Order Management System. The DTD (Document Type Definition) defines the format of the XML string. If your Order Management System cannot read and interpret the XML string, then you must write a style sheet to the DTD so that the XML can be processed by the Order Management System. See Using Style Sheets for more information.

The Line Item DTD organizes the data into a hierarchy of items, each identified as parent or child. For example, if you select a computer, modem card, mouse, and keyboard in the eAdvisor application, the modem card, mouse, and keyboard are children of the parent computer. Items can contain an unlimited number of subitems, and subitems of subitems.

You determine parent and children items by setting the ORDER_SUBVAR and ORDER_ITEMVARS variables in the appconfig.js file.

There are two level entities that describe a configuration:

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 Published: 18 April 2003