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Data Modeling For Transact Server

For Transact Server to be able to display line items on the shopping cart, it must first determine what data in the data model pertains to products. This process is very simple, and the key to it is a variable in the user-modifiable application configuration file app_config.js. The variable is called ORDER_SUBVAR. Enter as a value for this variable the column name that you use to store product part numbers in the data model. Make a column with this name in the main configuration table of the data model. Each row of the MAIN configuration table corresponds to the part number specified in the ORDER_SUBVAR column and will be interpreted by Transact as a potential attribute of that part.

To specify subparts (children of the product in the MAIN table), use the same column name specified in the ORDER_SUBVAR variable in feature tables that hold information related to the subparts. When a row in the feature table is selected as part of the configuration results, the part number will be passed to Transact as a selected product. The other columns in the selected row of the feature table will be passed to Transact as fields relating to that selected product. The selected row in the MAIN configuration table will be the parent of the selected product.

If you specify an asterisk character (*) as the value for the ORDER_SUBVAR variable, all of the selected rows in all tables will be passed to Transact with the MAIN table being the root product and the feature tables comprising the set of children products. No part numbers for these products will be identified by Transact Server, however.

 Siebel Interactive Selling Transact Server Interface Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003