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How It Works

When the user clicks Add To Cart, the configuration is saved as it normally would be in the Transact database, and then the configuration is associated with the cart for the user's current session. The Shopping Cart.jsp template then displays the cart. All the information about the cart is retrieved from the Transact database. Then, the specific information referenced in the ShoppingCart.jsp template is easily accessed and incorporated into the static HTML. Once the ShoppingCart.jsp template has been executed, only HTML (and JavaScript) is contained in the page displayed to the user.

To allow the user to update the contents of the cart, the ShoppingCart.jsp template must contain an HTML form. Any updatable fields on the cart need to be represented using form elements such as text boxes and drop-down picklists.

 Siebel Interactive Selling Transact Server Interface Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003