Siebel Interactive Selling Applications Upgrade Guide


How This Guide Is Organized

Revision History

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Upgrade Overview

Overview of the Upgrade Process

Before You Start

Siebel Upgrade Tools

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Upgrading to ePricer Version

What's New in ePricer Version 7

Overview of Upgrading to ePricer Version 7

Preupgrade Tasks

Reviewing the Release 6.x Configuration File

Recording the Default Price List ID

Recording the Factor Target Value

Upgrade Task

Reviewing the Siebel 7 Configuration File

Postupgrade Tasks

Checking the Default Price List ID

Reviewing the Factor Target Value

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Upgrading to eConfigurator Version

What's New in eConfigurator Version 7

Product Attributes and Classification System

Customizable Products

Product Rule Manager

Declarative User Interface Customization

Multiple Instantiation

Browser-Based Configuration

Overview of Upgrading to eConfigurator Version 7

Upgrading from eConfigurator Version 6.x to eConfigurator Version 7

Approach 1: Using the Standard Upgrade Tool


Preupgrade Tasks

What the Upgrade Script Does

Postupgrade Tasks


Case Study

Approach 2: Modifying Your Existing Implementation


Analyzing Your Release 6.x Models

Designing Your New Class System

Designing Dynamic Attributes

Assigning Products to Classes

Defining Customizable Products

Defining the UI

Defining Rules

Defining Resources, Linked Items, and Scripts

Defining Pricing

Upgrading from Release 5.x Product Configurator to eConfigurator Version 7

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Upgrading to eSales Version

What's New in eSales Version 7

Overview of Upgrading to eSales Version 7

Preupgrade Tasks

Planning Your Implementation

Recording Specifics About Your Current Implementation

Upgrade Tasks

Upgrading Employee Login Names and Proxy Employees to Responsibilities and User Types

Using RSA Encryption

Postupgrade Tasks

Verifying esales.cfg File Settings

Verifying That Catalogs Display Properly

Updating Record Counts on Categories

Setting Up RSA Encryption

Implementing the New Credit Card and Tax Business Services

Implementing User-Specified Product Comparisons

Implementing Access Control Using Access Groups

Implementing Quick Add

Modifying the Shipping Cost Service Business Service

Hiding Quotes

Reapplying User Interface Template Customizations

Modifying Workflows

Communicating Siebel 7 Enhancements to Users

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Upgrading OnLink Browser-Based Applications to Siebel

Overview of Upgrading OnLink Browser-Based Applications to Siebel 7

End-User Operation

Authoring Environment

The Upgrade Process

What's New in eAdvisor Version 7

Preupgrade Considerations

Upgrade Tasks

Postupgrade Considerations

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Upgrading to eAuction Version

What's New in eAuction Version 7

Overview of Upgrading to eAuction Version 7

Before You Start

Preupgrade Tasks

Upgrade Tasks

Application Migration

Data Migration

User Interface Migration

Postupgrade Tasks

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Preparation for OpenSite Data Migration - MSADC SDK Update

Downloading MSADC SDK Version 2.6

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 Siebel Interactive Selling Applications Upgrade Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003