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Identifies a field of the business component that is to be indexed.

Also specifies the result field (for the parent engine) that it maps to. Only fields marked as Data (Public) will be visible here. Contents of the index fields will be indexed in the Search Engine Result Fields.


Valid Values/Examples
BC Field (R)
The active fields of the applet (or business component) that is associated with the parent Search object. These fields will be included in the Search.
Field Type (O)
Specifies the type of the Index Field.
For example, File Attachment, File Revision Number, and Organization Visibility.
Valid values are Attachment, Group, Organization, Rev Num, and Row Id.
Name (R)
Identifies a name for the field.
Result Field (O)
Specifies the result field that maps to the index field.
For example, you may want SR Abstract to be indexed into the SUMMARY result field. By default, the contents of the index field are automatically indexed into the DOCUMENT_TEXT result field.
Sequence (O)
Not used.
Not applicable.

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 Published: 18 April 2003