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Properties with Consistent Meanings

Nonconfigurable Object Types

Object Types Used by the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager

Objects Related to Information Access

Server Component Objects

Miscellaneous Objects

Hidden Object Types and Properties

Deleted Object Types and Properties

New Object Types and Properties

Applet Objects

Application Objects

Assignment Criteria Objects

Business Component Objects

Business Service Objects

Class Objects

Command Objects

Content Objects

External Search Engine Objects

Find Objects

Icon Map Objects

Schema Maintenance Objects

Screen Objects

Search Category Objects

Search Engine Objects

Search Index Objects

Toolbar Objects

View Objects

Renamed Object Types

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Siebel Object Types


Accelerator Creation

Accelerator Locale


Applet Browser Script

Applet Locale

Applet Method Menu Item

Applet Method Menu Item Locale

Applet Script*

Applet Server Script

Applet Toggle

Applet User Prop

Applet Web Template

Applet Web Template Item

Applet Web Template Item Locale


Application Browser Script

Application Event Services

Application Find

Application Locale

Application Method Menu Item*

Application Method Menu Item Locale*

Application Server Script

Application Toolbar*

Assignment Attribute

Assignment Attribute Column

Assignment Criteria

Assignment Criteria Attribute

Assignment Criteria Attribute Locale

Assignment Criteria Locale

Assignment Object

Assignment User Prop


Attribute Mapping


Bitmap Category

Bitmap Locale

BusComp Browser Script

BusComp Server Script

BusComp View Mode

Business Component

Business Component User Prop

Business Object

Business Object Component

Business Service

Business Service Browser Script

Business Service Locale

Business Service Method

Business Service Method Arg

Business Service Method Arg Locale

Business Service Method Locale

Business Service Server Script

Business Service Subsystem

Business Service User Prop


Chart Element

Chart Element Locale

Chart Locale


Class Method

Class Method Menu Item

Class Method Menu Item Locale



Command Locale

Content Object

Content Object View


Control Locale

Control User Prop


Dock Object

Dock Object Related DObj

Dock Object Table

Dock Object Visibility Rule

Drilldown Object

Drilldown Object Locale

Dynamic Drilldown Destination

EIM Explicit Primary Mapping

EIM Interface Table

EIM Interface Table Column

EIM Table Mapping

External Search Engine*


Field User Prop


Find Field

Find Field Locale

Find Locale

Find Pick View

Find View

Foreign Key Mapping

Foreign Key Mapping Column

Help Id

HTML Hierarchy Bitmap


Icon Map

Import Aux Field

Import Field

Import Field Column

Import Field Locale

Import Field Map

Import Key Field

Import Object

Import Source


Index Column

Integration Component

Integration Component Field

Integration Component Field User Prop

Integration Component Key

Integration Component Key Field

Integration Component User Prop

Integration Object

Integration Object User Prop

Interface Table User Key Usage


Join Constraint

Join Specification



List Column

List Column Locale

List Column User Prop

List Locale


Menu Item

Menu Item Locale


Message Category

Message Locale

Multi Value Field

Multi Value Link

MVF Pick Map

MVF Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull

Page Tab

Page Tab Locale

Pager Object

Pick List

Pick Map

Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull



Report Field

Report Locale



Screen Locale

Screen Menu Item

Screen Menu Item Locale

Screen View

Screen View Locale

Search Category

Search Custom Result Field

Search Custom Result Field Locale

Search Definition

Search Definition Category

Search Definition Category Locale

Search Engine

Search Engine Field*

Search Engine Field Locale*

Search Engine Pick View*

Search Engine Table*

Search Engine Table Locale*

Search Filter Field

Search Index

Search Index Field Map

Search Pick View

Search Result Field

Search Table

Search Visibility View

Server Component Event Subtype

Server Component Event Type

Server Component Parameter

Server Component State Value

Server Component Statistic

Server Component Subsystem

Server Component Type

Single Value Field

Sub Report

Sub Report Field

SVF Pick Map

SVF Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull

System Activity Object


Text Style*


Toolbar Item

Toolbar Item Locale

Toolbar Locale


Tree Node

Tree Node Locale


User Key

User Key Attribute

User Key Attribute Join

User Key Attribute Tree Node

User Key Column


View Locale

View Report

View Report Locale

View Web Template

View Web Template Item

View Web Template Item Locale

Web Page

Web Page Item

Web Page Item Locale

Web Page Item Parameter

Web Template

Web Template File

Workflow Policy Column

Workflow Policy Component

Workflow Policy Component Col

Workflow Policy Object

Workflow Policy Program

Workflow Policy Program Arg

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 Object Types Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003