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Lists all fields that are included with or used by every search index table created for the search engine.


Valid Values/Examples
Column (R)
The name of the physical column in the search index, which varies with the vendor of your database software.
Create Column (O)
A TRUE or FALSE value.
A flag that denotes which columns will be actually created in the Search Table.
TRUE = Column will be created in Search Table.
Data Type (O)
Specifies the data type of the column.
Valid values are Varchar, Character, and ApVarchar.
Index Mode (O)
Specifies the index mode of the column.
Valid values are Literal, None, and Normal.
Name (R)
The logical name of the field.
Sequence (R)
Specifies the sequence in which the columns are created and used.
Integer value.
Text Length (O)
The amount of storage, in bytes, allocated to a field.
Type (R)
A picklist with valid values displayed.
Valid values are Data (Private), Data (Public), and System.
Data (Private) fields are fields that are created by the user. Fields marked System or Data (Public) cannot be deleted.

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 Published: 18 April 2003