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Applet Method Menu Item

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Defines the applet-specific menu that is available when the applet is activated.

NOTE:  You must write script in the PreInvokeMethod event handler to test for the method string and take some action. If the test code is not present, an error will occur. For more information, read the Object Interfaces topic in Siebel Tools Online Help.


Valid Values/Examples
Command (O)
Specifies which invoke method is called when an applet-level menu item associated with the command is executed.
Menu Text (R)
The text displayed in the menu item.
An ampersand (&) before any letter in the text will create an (underlined) shortcut key.
Name (O)
Same as position property.
Integer value.
Position (R)
The sequence of the menu item in the single-level list of menu items.
Integer value.
Suppress Menu Item (O)
Default is FALSE. If TRUE, causes the class-level menu item of the specified name to be removed from the applet-level menu in the applet where this property is specified.
TRUE = Menu item is suppressed.
FALSE = Menu item is not suppressed.

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Siebel Object Types > Applet > Applet Method Menu Item

Menu Editor

Menus should be edited by right-clicking on the applet and selecting Edit Web Menus.

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 Published: 18 April 2003