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Search Engine Table*

Siebel Object Types > External Search Engine* > Search Engine Table*

Models a vendor-specific search collection that is then used by the Siebel applications client. It consists of one or more search field definitions.


Valid Values/Examples
DB Table Flag (O)
A TRUE or FALSE value.
TRUE = Indicates that this table is a database table.
Drilldown Applet (O)
The name of the applet in the drilldown view that contains the row ID in the search result row.
Database Row only.
Drilldown View (O)
The name of the view navigated to when you double-click a row in the search result list.
Database row only.
File Name Prefix (O)
The prefix given to the search results filename. Used for saving database search results.
The search results filename is generated from the text in this property and the ROW_ID value. (If the File Name Prefix for service requests is SR:, search results from the service requests table will have filenames such as SR:1-ABC.)
Name (R)
The (vendor-specific) physical name of the table/collection in the search index.
Result Identifier (O)
The acronym in the search result summary.
Sequence (O)
The order of tables.
Integer value.
Title (O)
The table used in the source selection list of the Search dialog box.

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Siebel Object Types > External Search Engine* > Search Engine Table*

One search engine per table

Use the Search Engine Table object type with caution. The search field should be defined for only one search table in a search definition, because all the search tables are restricted to having the same fields in them.

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 Published: 18 April 2003