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Represents language-specific overrides used with the View object type.


Valid Values/Examples
Name (R)
The abbreviation of the language being used by the application.
Example: ENU.
Status Text (O)
Not used in this release.
Thread Title (O)
The text used as the thread title label.
Title (O)
The text string used in the window title, following the prefix text specified in the CFG file.
The prefix text for the view name in the title bar is obtained from the CaptionPrefix parameter in the CFG file, if present. If CaptionPrefix is not specified but ApplicationTitle is, the value in ApplicationTitle is used. If neither value is specified, "Siebel applications" is used as the prefix text.
Example: If the text in this property is My Accounts, and the prefix text is Siebel Sales, the title bar of the Siebel application window will read Siebel Sales - My Accounts when this view is active.

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 Published: 18 April 2003