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Specifies the HTML file name that contains the help topics for a screen in a Siebel application.

A Help Id object definition may be referenced by entering its name as the property text in the Help Identifier property of a view or screen object definition. The Help Id object definition, in turn, references a help topic file (HTML format) associated with the application through the HTML Help URL property.

When the user chooses Help > Contents from the application-level menu to invoke context-sensitive online help, the application calls the Siebel Web Engine (SWE) GotoPage method, which uses SWE code to display the correct help topic in a separate browser window.

For more information about the help implementation in Siebel applications, read the Help Development topic in Siebel Tools Online Help.


Valid Values/Examples
Specifies the URL to display when the help documentation for a particular Help Id is requested. The URL is relative to the public directory on the Siebel Web server installation.
Example: help/siebaccounts.htm
Name (R)
The string that identifies the help topic in Siebel Tools.
All caps, with no punctuation characters other than the underscore (_) symbol.
The context string (Name) is in the format ID_type_objdefname, where type is VIEW or SCREEN, and objdefname identifies the specific view or screen.
Example: ID_SCREEN_ACCOUNTS for the Accounts screen help.
Type (O)
The object type that can use this help topic.
Examples: View, Report.
Value (O)
Not used.
Not applicable.

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 Published: 18 April 2003