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Adding Line Item Details to an Agreement

After the agreement is created, end users can add line items to it. These line items are the products or resources that are being committed to the agreement. End users have probably already added roles to the Team Workbook to define the project team. Now they need to create a contract for that project. It is a good idea to create one line item for each role that was defined in the Team Workbook for this project. The Project Resource field in agreement line item records allows end users to link a team workbook role to a line in the agreement.

To add line items

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select the appropriate view.
  3. In the Agreements list, click the Name hyperlink of the agreement you want to add line items to.
  4. In the Line Items list, add a new record.
  5. In the Product field of the new record, click the select button.
  6. In the Pick Product dialog box, query for the product or resources that you are adding to the agreement and then click OK.
  7. Click the Line Detail subview tab.
  8. In the Line Detail form, click the show more button.
  9. In the Project Resource field, click the select button.
  10. In the Pick Parent Role dialog box, select the role you want to add to this agreement and click OK.
  11. NOTE:  This automatically populates the Est. Hours, Rate, Discount %, and Effective Rate fields in the Agreement Line Items field and also in the project's Team Workbook.

  12. In the Line Detail form, complete any additional fields.
  13. NOTE:  Continue Step 3 through Step 10 until you have added each role from the Team Workbook to the agreement.

 Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003