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Creating a Time Sheet Automatically

The following procedure explains how to generate a time sheet that automatically includes time entries that are recorded in the My Time Diary view for the current reporting period. These entries include time entries that end users entered using the Activities Time view, as long as they have not yet been included in a time sheet. This procedure can be used from anywhere in your Siebel application. The feature used in this procedure is called the Auto Gen functionality. For information about creating a time sheet manually, see Creating a Time Sheet Manually.

NOTE:  The Auto Gen feature does not create time sheets for previous time periods or populate such time sheets with My Time Diary entries from previous time periods. To create a time sheet for an earlier period automatically and to move older time items from the My Time Diary view to a time sheet for the appropriate time period, see Moving Time Entries from My Time Diary to Time Sheets Manually.

To create a current time sheet automatically

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 Published: 18 April 2003