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Updating Siebel Using Java Beans

In this scenario, you have a Customer Service Web application written using J2EE Server Pages (JSPs). To pass this data into Siebel so that account records can be updated, you invoke the Siebel Object Interface, Siebel Java Data Beans. Now your Customer Service representatives can use the same information from the Java Server Pages while serving the customer.

Table 28 details the requirements for updating Siebel using JSP technology.

Table 28. Siebel Update Integration Requirement
Business Requirement
Technological Requirement
Siebel's eAI Solution
To update Siebel account data from a J2EE Server Page (JSP) enabled application
Programmatic interaction
Siebel Java Data Beans Object Interfaces

 Siebel Financial Services eBusiness Application Integration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003