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Using CORBA Naming Service with the Siebel CORBA Object Manager

You should use the Naming Service if you are planning on registering multiple CORBA OMs with the same ORB. Use of the Naming Service is required for ORBIX, but optional for Visibroker. The benefit of using the Naming Service with multiple CORBA OM instances is that the ORB will load balance requests across all CORBA OM instances.

The /x and /b (see below for the complete command-line syntax) arguments are interpreted using the Interoperable Naming Service (INS) convention for stringified names. Specifically, this means that a /(slash) character is a delimiter between name components, and the . (dot) character is a delimiter between the kind and id parts of a name component. The \ (backslash) is used as an escape character for literal "/" , "." , and "\" characters. A leading / is optional when specifying a stringified name. In other words, /x /Siebel and / Siebel are equivalent.

When both /x and /b are specified, the name bound in the naming service is the concatenation of Context and BindName. Siebel Systems provides the Context parameter simply as a matter of convenience. The /b argument can be a fully qualified name in stringified form as described above. For example, specifying /x Siebel\ObjMgr /b Alpha is equivalent to /b Siebel\ObjMgr\Alpha.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003