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Creating the DB2 Universal Database for Windows and UNIX

This chapter is written for database administrators who will create the IBM DB2 UDB database and want to optimize it for Siebel eBusiness Applications. The chapter provides an overview of Siebel Database layout, sizing, and configuration recommendations for the Siebel Database.

The optimization and creation of the Siebel Database consists of several tasks, described in Table 14.

Table 14.  Database Configuration Tasks
Who Performs It?
System Administrator
  1. Create a local user, with administrative privileges, as the DB2 instance owner for the domain of the database administrator.
Database Administrator
  1. Verify that the system administrator has performed
    Step 1.
  2. Verify that the DB2 client is installed. See Verifying Installation of the DB2 UDB Client.
  3. Review the database layout guidelines and lay out your database accordingly. See Database Layout Guidelines.
  4. Review the recommended DB2 parameter settings. See DB2 Database Configuration Guidelines.
  5. Create your database instance. See Creating the Database and also Sample Database Creation Scripts.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003