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Enabling Server Component Groups

The component groups described in Table 36 reside on the Siebel Server and must be enabled for their particular products to function. Enabling can be undertaken at the time you initially configure the Siebel Server, or at any time thereafter, using Server Manager.

NOTE:  The System Management Component Group is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Table 36.  Server Components That Must be Enabled
Component Group
Component Group Members
Assignment Management
Batch Assignment
Assignment Manager
Communications Management
Communications Session Manager
Communications Configuration Manager
Communications Inbound Manager
Communications Outbound Manager
Email Manager
Page Manager
Smart Answer Manager
Content Center
Content Project Publish
Content Project Start
Credit Assign
Incentive Compensation Credit Assignment
Incentive Compensation Credit Assignment Database
Incentive Compensation Rule Manager Service
Incentive Compensation Credit Rules to AM Rules Update Manager
Data Quality
Data Quality Manager
Dun and Bradstreet
D&B Update Mgr (D&B)
D&B Update Mgr (Siebel)
D&B Update Mgr (Multi-task)
Siebel Employe Relationship Management (ERM)
Employee Relationship Management Object Manager
eTraining Object Manager
ERM Compensation planning Service
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
MQSeries Server Receiver
MQSeries AMI Receiver
Business Integration Manager
Business Integration Batch Manager
Enterprise Integration Mgr
EAI Object Manager
MSMQ Receiver
WCS MQSeries Receiver
Field Service
Appointment Booking Engine
Invoice Engine
Field Service Cycle Counting Engine
Field Service Mobile Inventory Transaction Engine
Service Order Part Locator Engine
Preventive Maintenance Engine
Field Service Replenishment Engine
Optimization Engine
Field Service Object Manager
Service Order Fulfillment Engine
Forecast Service Management
Forecast Service Manager
Handheld Synchronization
Siebel Service Handheld 7.5
Handheld Sales CE
Incentive Compensation
Incentive Compensation Mgr
ICM Order Import
ICM CalcWkbk Import
ICM Calc Engine
ICM Quota Import
ICM Container Calculation
ICM Container Recalculation
Marketing Server
List Import Service Manager
Marketing Server
Data Dictionary Manager
Marketing Object Manager
Marketing Object Manager
eMarketing Object Manager
eEvents Object Manager
Oracle Connector
Oracle Receiver
SAP Connector
SAP Send Transaction
SAP Process Transaction
SAP BAPI tRFC Receiver
SAP IDOC Receiver for MQ Series
SAP IDOC AMI Receiver for MQ Series
Siebel Core Reference Application Components (CRA)
Siebel Core Reference Application Object Manager
Sales Hierarchy Service (SalesHierSvc)
Sales Hierarchy Service Manager
Siebel Anywhere
Upgrade Kit Builder
Siebel eChannel
Partner Manager Object Manager
eChannel Object Manager
Siebel eDocuments 1
Document Server
Siebel Call Center
Call Center Object Manager
eService Object Manager
Siebel Dynamic Commerce
Dynamic Commerce
Dynamic Auto Close
Dynamic Commerce Alerts
Siebel ISS
eSales Object Manager
eCustomer Object Manager
Siebel Product Configuration Object Manager
Siebel Remote
Database Extract
Parallel Database Extract
Generate New Database
Replication Agent
Synchronization Manager
Transaction Merger
Transaction Processor
Transaction Router
Siebel Sales
Sales Object Manager
Siebel Mobile Connector Object Manager
Sales Hierarchy Service Component
Sales Hierarchy Service Manager
Siebel to Siebel Connector
HA Upgrade MQSeries Server Receiver
Siebel to Siebel MQSeries Receiver
Siebel to Siebel MSMQ Receiver
Siebel Wireless
Siebel eChannel Wireless
Siebel Self Service Wireless
Siebel Sales Wireless
Siebel Service Wireless
System Management
(Enabled by default and, therefore, not visible on the Enable Components screen of the Siebel Software Configuration Wizard.)
Server Manager
Siebel Server
Siebel Server Scheduler
Server Request Broker
Server Request Processor
File System Manager
Client Administration
Workflow Management
Workflow Action Agent
Workflow Monitor Agent
Workflow Process Manager
Workflow Process Batch Manager
Generate Triggers

1 The Siebel eDocuments component must be installed on a dedicated Document Server host machine. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide.

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 Published: 25 June 2003