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Importing a New Language to Your Repository on Oracle

After you successfully import your Siebel Repository in its primary(base) language, you may add additional languages to it.

By adding a new language to your repository, you populate rows of localized User Interface strings for repository objects, which allows Siebel eBusiness Applications to better display the UI in the new language.

Regardless of how many Siebel eBusiness Applications you are using (such as Siebel Sales, Siebel Service, and Siebel Marketing), you perform this step only once for each language you want to install.

To import a new language to your repository

    The Select Repository Option screen appears.

  1. On the Select Repository Operation screen, choose Add Language to an Existing Repository and click Next.
  2. NOTE:  Select this option to add another language to the repository.

    The Language Selection screen appears.

  3. On the Language Selection screen, specify the new language you are adding on top of your primary(base) language in the Siebel Repository and click Next.
  4. The Import Repository screen appears.

  5. On the Import Repository Name screen, type the following values, and click Next:
  6. Import Repository Name. Accept the default name (Siebel Repository) or type another valid name.

    Localized Repository Name. Accept the default installation path and file name for this repository or type another valid installation path.

    NOTE:  To rerun the Upgrade Wizard at the point a program failed or a system error occurred, following importing new languages to the repository, you must navigate to \siebsrvr\bin\ and enter:
    siebupg.exe /m master_imprep_LANG.ucf

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003