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Installing the Siebel Database Server for Oracle

This chapter is written for system administrators who will install the Siebel Database Server and for database administrators who will assist in this process.

The installation and configuration of the Siebel Database Server consists of several tasks, illustrated in Table 30.

Table 30.  Database Server Installation and Configuration Tasks
Who Performs It?
System Administrator
  1. Fill out your copy of Deployment Planning Worksheets with all RDBMS-specific information.
  2. If you intend to implement load-balancing on this database server, install and configure Resonate Central Dispatch. See Implementing Load-Balancing with Central Dispatch.
Database Administrator
System Administrator
  1. Install the Siebel Database Server software. See Database Server Installation on Oracle.
  2. Reset the Global Time Zone parameter, if required, for your multilingual deployment. See Setting Up Your Environment to Support Global Time Zone.
Database Administrator
  1. Create the tableowner account (schema) name that owns the tables, views, sequences, packages, triggers, and other objects. See Creating Tableowner and Administrator Accounts for DB Server on Oracle.
Siebel Administrator
  1. Install the Siebel Database Server seed data, tables, and indexes. See Installing Database Server Components on Oracle.
  2. Review the system preference settings for Enterprise Database Server code page. See Verifying System Preferences After Database Installation on Oracle.
  3. If you are deploying multiple languages, install multilingual seed data. See Installing Multilingual Seed Data on Your DB Server on Oracle.
  4. If you are deploying multiple languages, import multilingual seed data to your repository table rows. See Importing a New Language to Your Repository on Oracle.
Database Administrator

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003