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Verifying System Preferences After Database Installation on Oracle

After you complete installation and configuration of your Siebel Database Server, you must verify system preferences for the Siebel application in Siebel Tools. For installation instructions for Siebel Tools, see Siebel Tools Reference.

To verify system preferences

  1. Launch Siebel Tools and navigate to Screens > System Administration > System Preferences.
  2. Look for System Preference Name = Enterprise DB Server Code Page and verify that the value has been set correctly, based on the value that you selected during installation of the database server components (Installing Database Server Components on Oracle). For a list of the appropriate values, see Table 31.
  3. NOTE:  The Code Page value must be in lowercase, for example, utf-8.

    Table 31.  Acceptable Values for Enterprise DB Server Code Page
    utf-8 (Unicode)
    cp932 (or equivalent)
    cp1252 (or equivalent)
    Western European

  4. If your database is Unicode-enabled, verify that column UNICD_DATATYPS_FLG in table S_APP_VER has the Unicode flag set correctly. If your database is:

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 Published: 25 June 2003