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Troubleshooting Siebel Server Installation

Installation problems can be caused by a number of things, but the reasons listed below are the most common:

The following list provides other, less common reasons for a faulty installation or configuration:

Problem: The following error messages occur in an Enterprise supported by an MS SQL Server Database:

Solution: You used brackets in the name you gave to one or more of your Siebel Servers or to your Siebel Enterprise Server. Uninstall these and reinstall them, giving them a new name.

Problem: Siebel Server processes start, but terminate again immediately.

Solution: If Resonate Central Dispatch is installed on the Siebel Server, but the Enterprise is not configured for Resonate, Siebel programs may fail. With the Siebel Gateway running, use Server Manager to set the UseSCB parameter on this Siebel Server to FALSE.

Problem: The Siebel Server does not start after configuration.

Solution a: Verify that the Siebel Gateway was started. Start it if it was stopped.

Solution b: Verify that the values input during configuration were valid.

Solution c: Verify that you have sufficient system privileges to start the service. For more information on this subject, see Preparing for the Installation.

Problem: Siebel Server does not start and the log file shows a Central Dispatch timeout error for the server.

Solution: Increase your Central Dispatch timeout value, using the Siebel parameter SCBtimeout.

NOTE:  The default setting of this parameter is 300 seconds.

To verify the current SCBtimeout parameter setting

  1. From the DOS command window, enter the following command:
  2. srvrmgr -g gateway address -e Siebel Enterprise name


    gateway address = the IP address of your Siebel Gateway.

    Siebel Enterprise name = the alias of your Siebel Enterprise Server.

  3. At the prompt, enter:
  4. list parameter SCBTimeout for Server Siebel Server name


    Siebel Server name = the alias of the Siebel Server in which the components failed to start.

At this point, you will want to add more time, starting with an additional 60 seconds, to the value returned by the above procedure.

To increase the timeout value for a failed component

If, after trying this procedure, the component still does not start, increase the SCBTimeout parameter in 60 second increments up to 600. If you still experience problems, contact Siebel Technical Support.

For more information on changing parameter values, see Siebel Server Administration Guide.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003