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Employee Skills and Expertise

Employees are the individuals to whom Siebel Universal Queuing will route work items. Employees are defined for your organization using the User Administration screen. Specific call center employees are further defined as agents through Siebel Communications Server, where communications drivers are assigned to the agents.

For more information on defining agents, refer to Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide. For more information on defining employees, refer to Applications Administration Guide.

Since Siebel Universal Queuing uses a skill-based routing algorithm, each employee that will use Siebel Universal Queuing must have skills and expertise levels assigned. Siebel Universal Queuing then matches employee skills and expertise to work item data properties to route the work item.

For more information on employee skills and expertise, see Assigning Employee Skills.

 Siebel Universal Queuing Administration Guide
 Published: 18 April 2003