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Auto Login and Auto Registration in Siebel Wireless

The Siebel Wireless Auto Registration feature captures the addressing information required to allow particular users to log in to Siebel Wireless applications without manual authentication. The Auto Registration and Auto Login features must be used in conjunction with a browser that identifies its unique subscriber number in its HTTP header. Browsers from Openwave (formerly provide the information required to use these features.

Auto Login permissions can be set by the systems administrator to grant individual users their Siebel user name and password when they access Siebel Wireless using particular devices, to allow them to access Siebel Wireless applications without having to input this information manually. Alternately, enterprises can allow their users to administer their own Auto Login permission levels, if desired.

The Auto Login feature also requires that authentication be performed through a directory server, as described in the section Authentication and Access Control for Siebel Wireless.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004