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Setting the Default Auto Login Level for Siebel Wireless

The default Auto Login level for the individual Siebel Wireless applications (Sales Wireless, Service Wireless, Self-Service Wireless, and PRM Wireless) is set in the server configuration file for each of those applications.

The default Auto Login level is applied to all users with supported wireless browsers contacting the Siebel Wireless application, unless systems administrators or individual users have set different preferences for their Auto Login level as described above.

The default Auto Login level set for Siebel Wireless applications during installation is Trusted. This default Auto Login level can be changed by setting the "Auto LoginLevel" = parameter in the [SWE] section of the configuration files described above to Password or None as desired. For example:


AutoLoginLevel = Password

As with other configuration file changes, the server must be stopped and restarted after making this change.

NOTE:  When resetting the default Auto Login level, use the exact Language Independent Code value for the Auto Login level desired, as described in the section Siebel Data Required by the Auto Login Feature of Siebel Wireless.

 Siebel Wireless Administration Guide
 Published: 09 September 2004