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The Auto Registration Process with Siebel Wireless

Users can automatically register additional mobile devices from the Siebel Web client through the Mobile Device screen. During Auto Registration, a new mobile device record is automatically created in the mobile device table for a user the first time that user logs in using a device with a supported wireless browser. Device names are automatically assigned to devices that are registered through the Siebel Wireless Auto Registration process, as follows:

device <Priority number> for <truncated User ID>

Here, <Priority number> is set to the next highest priority available for that particular user, and <truncated User ID> is the first 35 characters of the user's Siebel User ID. If any device for a user is assigned the last priority (6 - Unranked), there are no more priority numbers available, and the user cannot register another device using Auto Registration.

Additionally, a new device address is created in the mobile device address table, which uniquely identifies that device for Auto Login purposes.

See Personalizing Your Wireless Device for additional information on Auto Registration entries and the mobile device and mobile device address tables.

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 Published: 09 September 2004