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This method sets the ApplicationName profile attribute, which is used in workflow branching conditions and in Siebel Personalization to hide or show an applet in a view for various applications.

SetApplicationName is used in the eSales WebSessionStart Action Set. This action set is associated with the WebSessionStart run-time event for the Siebel eSales application object. When a Web session starts (usually the first time a user visits the Web site), this event is triggered. This in turn triggers the eSales Web Session Start Action Set, executing the SetApplicationName method. The ApplicationName profile attribute is set to the name for the application that is running.

Expected Preconditions Before the Method Can Be Called

To use this method, you need to create an action set and invoke this method from an action in the action set, as shown for the eSales WebSessionStart Action Set in Table 39.

Table 39. Sales WebSessionStart Action Set
Business Service
Shopping Service

The following applications use the eSales WebSessionStart Action Set:




Get the application name and set the ApplicationName profile attribute.

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 Published: 18 April 2003