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Creating Unstructured Content

Portal Pages containing unstructured content can be quickly created by application administrators to provide information such as announcements and press releases, and links to documents and HTML pages.

Siebel eSales includes one preconfigured portal page template, which is called Catalog Content View - News. It is a view that contains four empty applets. You are expected to modify this template to suit your needs.

To access the Catalog Content View - News template

  1. Navigate to Microsite Administration.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select Page Administration.
  3. In the Page List, select Web About Us.
  4. Click the Web About Us hyperlink to access the page designer.

For more information about how to create and display portal pages that include unstructured content, see Siebel Employee Relationship Management Administration Guide.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003