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Setting Up Parametric Search

Users can also choose to search for products based on values of the attributes of those products. This is known as parametric search.

Parametric search allows users to take advantage of the class system. Instead of entering free-form search strings into a full-text search engine, users of parametric search can select from known attributes (for example, color, size, shape, and maximum temperature) of a particular class of products.

Users access parametric search by clicking the link next to the magnifying glass in the Links applet of the Siebel eSales home page.

This brings up the Parametric Search form. The user selects a product family. Attributes specific to the product family appear on the form below the product family. Search results appear to the right of the form.

The search can be narrowed by selecting attribute values from the drop-down menus under the attributes belonging to the selected product family.

NOTE:  Parametric search returns only products that match the search criteria and have read-only attribute values. These products must also be on the active price list and be visible through access groups. For more information, see Determining Which Products Are Returned from a Parametric Search.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003