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Shopping Service Business Service Methods

The Shopping Service has many business service methods. Those used by the Shopping Cart in Siebel eSales and are described in Table 12.

For detailed descriptions of these methods, see Shopping Service API.

Table 12. Shopping Service Business Service Methods
Used In Workflow
Adds an item to the Shopping Cart or Favorites.
Creates a quote that contains auction items.
Adds the auction item to the quote created in CreateAuctionQuote.
Commits the auction quote.
Converts a quote to an order. Also confirms training class and event registrations.
eSales - Authorize Order Process
Deletes the current Shopping Cart and sets CurrentQuoteId to empty, but only when the Quote Type equals Persistent Cart.
eSales - Edit Quote Process
eSales - Reorder Process
Gets the status of the current Shopping Cart, which can be one of the following:
  • Empty. CurrentQuoteId is empty or Quote Type equals Persistent Cart.
  • Not Empty.
  • No Save.
Also returns information such as Quote Item and Item Count.
eSales - Edit Quote Process
eSales - Modify Order Process
eSales - Reorder Process
Creates an order based on the quote.
eSales - Checkout Process
eSales - Order Quote Process
Creates a quote based on an existing order.
Reprices quotes, for example when a customer orders a saved quote that has expired.
Saves the current Shopping Cart as a quote:
  • Finds the quote record whose Id equals CurrentQuoteId.
  • Saves it as a quote, that is, sets the quote status to Quotation.
  • Sets CurrentQuoteId to empty (empties the Shopping Cart).
eSales - Edit Quote Process
eSales - Reorder Process
eSales - Save Cart Process
Saves the current Shopping Cart as a template, but keeps the Shopping Cart.
Ordering from a template copies the template items to the Shopping Cart.
eSales - Save Cart Process
Uses the contact Primary ID field to copy the primary personal address, primary personal account address, and primary payment profile from the pick field to the current quote (Shopping Cart).
Sets the ApplicationName dynamic user profile attribute. Triggered by the application's WebLogin event.
Used in run-time events to support the different Shopping Cart behavior between Siebel eSales and other Siebel applications.
Allows workflows to continue after anonymous users are sent to the Login view to register.
eSales - Checkout Process
eSales - Save Cart Process
Supports the persistent Shopping Cart and allows anonymous users to add items to the Shopping Cart. Triggered by the application's WebSessionStart event.
When a session begins, the method does the following:
  • If an anonymous user, does nothing.
  • If CurrentQuoteId is not empty (that is, the user already has a Shopping Cart), checks if the Shopping Cart quote type is Anonymous Quote.

    If Anonymous Quote, converts it to Persistent Cart and sets Contact Id to the login Id of the user.
  • If CurrentQuoteId is empty, tries to find an existing quote of type Persistent Cart (user's Shopping Cart from the previous session) and set CurrentQuoteId to that quote ID.

    If there is no such quote, the user did not leave a Shopping Cart (for example, saved it as a quote or checked out).

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 Published: 18 April 2003