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Setting Up STEP on Windows

Setting up the STEP System is done in two parts. The first part of the setup is done from the Taxware installation CD-ROM.

For more information on using the STEP System, see your Taxware documentation.

To set up STEP

  1. Run E:\STEP\toolkit\step.exe.
  2. The STEP System launches.

  3. Set up user names and passwords.
  4. Check the environment variables.
  5. Choose Utilities > Create Company ID to create several company IDs.
  6. Use the same Company ID as for setting up the Company Nexus.

  7. Choose Utilities > Load STEP Files to load the data files.
  8. Choose Utilities > Load Reason Files to load the reason files.
  9. Choose Files > Return to Certificate Screen to set up several company and customer certificates.
  10. After you create several certificates, a transaction file called steptran is generated in C:\Taxware\STEP\stepfrnt.

  11. Copy C:\Taxware\STEP\stepfrnt\steptran to C:\Taxware\STEP\indata.

The second part of the setup is done within the STEP System on the drive in which Taxware was installed.

To load the transaction and reason files

  1. Run C:\Taxware\STEP\toolkit\stepwin.exe.
  2. The STEP System launches.

  3. Choose Load/Update > Load Transaction File to load C:\Taxware\STEP\indata\steptran into C:\Taxware\STEP\outdata.
  4. Choose Load/Update > Load Reason File to load the reason file.

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 Published: 18 April 2003