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Adding a File to the Training Library

You can add a file associated with the training course to the training library.

To add a file to the Training Library

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Training Administration > Training Library.
  2. In the Training Library list, click New.
  3. Complete the fields in the form, and save the record.
  4. The fields are described in the following table.

    Author of the file you are storing.
    Allows you to enter a brief description of the item.
    Distribution Method
    Intended method for distributing the file, such as email, direct mail, and so on. For informational purposes only.
    Allows you to specify a date after which the file automatically become unavailable to Training Library end users.
    An expired file listing is visible to administrators but not to end users.
    File Name
    The name of the file to be placed in the Training Library, without the filename extension. Click the select button to navigate to the file. The extension appears in the File Type field. The file size automatically appears in the read-only Size field.
    May also be referred to as Attachment Name.
    File Type
    The extension of the filename of the item, such as .doc or .txt. Automatically populated when you fill in the File Name field.
    Select the check box to make the item available to employees only.
    Literature Type
    Allows you to specify the purpose or category of the item. The default value is Training Literature. Other values may include Technical Reference Material, White Paper, and so on.
    Allows you to specify document ownership to facilitate inquiries about updates or other maintenance.
    Allows you to specify a date when the item becomes visible and available to end users. Before this date, only administrators see the listing and can access to the item. Useful for preventing distribution before appropriate conditions are met.
    A text field that you can use to enter the name of the item you are storing.

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 Published: 21 April 2003