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Installing and Configuring Siebel eTraining

Siebel eTraining Installation Process

Customizing the eTraining User Interface

Modifying Business Processes for eTraining

Siebel eTraining Workflow Processes

Siebel eTraining Business Services

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Preparing for Administration Tasks

Before You Begin Working with eTraining

Lists of Values (LOVs) for eTraining

The eTraining Home Page

Navigating to Training Administration Screens

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Setting Up Courses

Adding or Modifying a Training Course

Specifying Training Course Details

Specifying Training Course Topics

Specifying Training Course Objectives

Specifying Training Skills

Specifying Associated Training

Specifying Training Course Materials

Specifying Course Launching Information

Scheduling Classes and Class Sessions

Adding and Viewing Course Enrollments

Viewing Partner Enrollments

Creating Training Bundles

Setting Up Training for Customers and Partners

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Using the Training Library

Adding a File to the Training Library

Adding a Web Page URL to the Training Library

Modifying a File in the Training Library

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Adding Training Locations

Adding Training Location Information

Process for Defining a Training Location

Adding a Training Location Record

Entering Classroom Information

Specifying Hotels Located Near a Training Location

Assigning or Changing a Training Location of an Existing Class

Assigning a Class to a Training Locations

Checking for Scheduling Conflicts

Setting Up eTraining Automatic Notification Messages

Setting Up Workflow Policies and Workflow Processes

Setting Up Communications Drivers and Modifying eMail Templates

Additional Information on Training Registration Processes

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Setting Up Curriculums

Training Curriculum Elements

Adding a Training Curriculum

Modifying, Canceling Changes, and Deleting Curriculums

Specifying Training Curriculum Details

Specifying Training Curriculum Steps

Specifying Courses for the Training Curriculum Steps

Viewing and Adding Training Curriculum Enrollments

Specifying Training Curriculum Materials

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Setting Up Skills Tests and Assessments

Process for Creating Skill Tests and Questions

Creating Training Test Questions and Answers

Creating and Verifying Training Question Pools

Creating Headers and Footers for Training Test Elements

Adding a Skills Test for Training

Modifying a Skills Test Record

Specifying Skills Test Details

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Working with Customer Information

Viewing Training Course Registration Information

Viewing Registration Information for a Self-Paced Course

Viewing Registration Information for a Scheduled Class

Viewing All Course and Class Registration Information

Registering Training Customers

Registering a Customer for a Self-Paced Course

Registering a Customer for a Scheduled Class Session

Canceling Training Enrollments

Manually Viewing and Scoring Skills Tests

Viewing Skill Test Results

Manually Scoring Skills Test Questions

Generating Training Reports

Generating a Training Library List Report

Generating a Course List Report

Generating a Course Schedule Report

Generating a Course Registration Report

Generating a Curriculum Registrants Report

Generating a Skill Test Detail Report

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Entering an eTraining Web Site

Finding the eTraining Web Site

About the Home Page

Locating eTraining Screens within Siebel eBusiness Applications

Ways to Log In

Browsing an eTraining Site Anonymously

Requesting a New User ID

Logging in with an Established User ID and Password

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Viewing Training Information

Viewing Available Training

Viewing Available Curriculums

Viewing Available Training Library Materials

Viewing Training Library Materials

Viewing Training Library Materials for a Course or Curriculum

Using the Siebel Catalog

Viewing the Siebel Catalog

Searching the Siebel Catalog

Viewing My Account Information

Viewing My Skills Development

Viewing Recommended Training

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Using the eTraining Web Site

Training Registration

Registering for a Self-Paced Course

Registering for a Scheduled Class

Registering for Third-Party Training Events

Using the Siebel Catalog to Register for Training

Registering for Training Using the Siebel Catalog

Adding Courses to a Favorites List

Using Parametric Search for Training Courses

Enrolling in a Curriculum

Viewing Your Progress Within a Curriculum

Withdrawing from a Course or Class

Withdrawing from a Curriculum

Taking a Distance Learning Class

Launching a Web-Based Course

Taking a Skills Test

Viewing Skills Test Results

Viewing Your Transcript

Viewing Training Progress of Employees (Managers)

Employee Training Information Available to Managers

Viewing an Employee's Curriculum Information (Manager)

Viewing Curriculum Information for an Employee (Manager)

Viewing and Approving Third-Party Training

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 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003