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Specifying Associated Training

Some of the training courses you offer may be related to each other in specific ways. For example, a course called Introduction to Web Design might be a prerequisite for a course called Intermediate Web Design. You can specify any other courses that are related to any course you offer using eTraining, and whether each course is a prerequisite to the current course or not.

To specify related training

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Training Administration > Courses.
  2. In the Courses list, select the course, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the course Name field.
  3. Click the Associated Training view tab, and in the Associated Training list, click New.
  4. In the new record, click the select button in the Name field, and in the Pick Course dialog box, select a related course and then click OK.
  5. To add items to the dialog box list, click New. For more information, see Fundamentals.

  6. In the Relationship Type field, select the value that indicates whether or not the associated course is a prerequisite.
  7. If the associated course must be completed before registering for the current course, select Prerequisite. If the associated course does not need to be completed before registering for the current course, select Optional.

  8. Save the changes.

Repeat the procedure to associate additional courses with the selected course.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003