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Specifying Training Course Details

Before a prospective training course attendee can use eTraining to register for a listed course, the course status must be set to Active. If the course format is Instructor-Led or Distance Learning, you must specify additional details about the course, including when the course is scheduled. For Instructor-Led courses, you must also specify where the course will be held. If a course is offered at more than one time or more than one location, each offering of the course is called a class or a class session. Each class session is identified by a unique numerical code.

Navigating Between Courses and Course Details

There are two primary methods for navigating between Courses and Course Details views. These methods are as follows:

Additional Course Details

Course details may include additional information, which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate view tab. The view tabs are:

NOTE:  A class only needs to be defined if the course is being held at a specific time. Instructor-Led courses and Distance Learning classes must have classes defined, but Web-based courses, CD-ROM courses, and exam courses do not need defined classes.

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 Published: 21 April 2003