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This guide describes how to install and configure Siebel eTraining, a training management solution, and how to set up and administer a Siebel eTraining Web site.

This guide also describes how employees, partners, and customers can use a Siebel eTraining Web site to learn about any subject for which you offer training.

This book will be useful primarily to people whose title or job description matches one of the following:

Curriculum Designers

Persons responsible for creating materials for training courses, including self-paced, Web-based learning, live instructor-led courses, and Siebel Distance Learning sessions.


Persons responsible for setting up Siebel systems for initial use.

Siebel Application Administrators

Persons responsible for planning, setting up, and maintaining Siebel applications, including Siebel eTraining.

Training Coordinators

Persons responsible for day-to-day administration of training programs; duties include registering students for courses and handling payments and cancellations.

Training Instructors

Persons responsible for leading classes and grading tests.

Training Managers

Persons responsible for setting up and maintaining a training department; duties include designing and managing training programs.

Persons responsible for installing and configuring Siebel eTraining need a thorough knowledge of the architecture of Siebel eBusiness Applications and standard Siebel installation and configuration procedures. A working understanding of specific applications, including eSales, eService, and Partner Management, is strongly recommended.

Persons responsible for setting up Siebel eTraining Web sites also need a thorough understanding of the training or certification programs they plan to offer, plus basic knowledge of how to use a Siebel application.

Persons responsible for training department operations need basic knowledge of how to use a Siebel application.

This guide may also be of interest to Siebel system administrators, Siebel database administrators, and Siebel application developers.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003