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Viewing Recommended Training

The following section describes how to view recommended training and skill gaps.

To view My Recommended Training

  1. Log in to the eTraining site.
  2. Log in methods are described in Ways to Log In.

  3. From the eTraining home page, drill down on the View My Recommended Training hyperlink.
  4. A list of courses appear that address the current skill gaps in the user's current job profile. After these courses are completed, the user's skills are updated with the skill types and levels taught by each training course.

  5. Click Browse Other Job Profiles to find other jobs of interest and match current skills to those jobs.
  6. The Recommended Training list appears, suggesting courses that would fulfill other job requirements.

To view My Skill Gaps

  1. Log in to the eTraining site.
  2. Select the View My Skill Gaps link in the eTraining home page.
  3. A list of current skills appears for the user's current job profile. This list also contains required competency levels and calculates skill gaps that are used to derive Recommended Training courses.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003