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Viewing Curriculum Information for an Employee (Manager)

The following procedure describes how a manager can view the curriculum progress of a direct report. A curriculum is a specific set of training offerings that address a particular goal, such as earning a certification or degree. Curriculums are established by the training organization.

To view curriculum information and progress for your employees

  1. Log in to the eTraining system.
  2. Navigate to the Managers screen.
  3. The following links appear:

  4. Click the My Team's Curriculums link.
  5. A summary of curriculum enrollment information about all your subordinates appears.

  6. Find the record for the curriculum enrollment that interests you, and click the Curriculum Name link for that record.
  7. The following information appears. It includes the progress of the selected report through the selected curriculum.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003