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Taking a Skills Test

When you take a course or class that is offered using eTraining, the course or class may include one or more skills tests to find out whether you have mastered the material presented in the course. Your instructor may direct you to take skills tests at a specific time, or you may choose to take them at a time that is convenient for you.

NOTE:  You may not be able to take a skills test more than once. Consult your instructor if you are in doubt about when it is appropriate for you to take a test.

Skills tests can include multiple-choice questions with single or multiple correct answers, true-or-false questions, and questions for which you must supply a short text answer or a text essay. Multiple-choice questions and true-or-false questions are automatically graded immediately. An instructor or another individual in the training organization must grade questions that require the test takers to supply an answer.

To take a skills test

  1. Log in to the eTraining Web site with the user ID and password you used to register for the course or class.
  2. Click the My Training view tab.
  3. Drill down on the My Instructor-Led Classes, My Web-Based Courses, or My Distance Learning Courses hyperlinks, depending on the type of training associated with the test.
  4. Select the class or course for which you want to take a test, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Registration # field.
  5. Scroll down until you can see the Tests list, and click Take Test for the test you want to take.
  6. Answer the test questions, and then click Submit.
  7. Depending on the kind of questions included in the test, and the type of scoring that the training administrator has set for the test, you may not see your test results immediately. If you do not see results immediately, ask your instructor when the results will be available, and use the instructions in the following section to view your test results at that time.

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 Published: 21 April 2003