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Taking a Distance Learning Class

Siebel Distance Learning lets users participate in Instructor-Led training sessions using corporate intranets or the Internet. People who attend a Distance Learning session see the contents of the presenter's computer screen on their own monitors, and receive audio using a telephone conference call or the Voice Over IP feature in Distance Learning.

Siebel Distance Learning and Siebel eTraining are separate but complementary products. If the presenting organization has purchased both products, you can use eTraining to register for any Distance Learning session that is included in the list of courses or classes.

You can also use eTraining to join a Distance Learning session at its start time, as described in the following procedure.

To join a Distance Learning session from eTraining

  1. Log in to the eTraining Web site with the user ID and password you used to register for the Distance Learning session.
  2. Click the My Training view tab.
  3. Click the My Distance Learning Classes link.
  4. In the My Distance Learning Classes list, drill down on the hyperlink in the Reg. # field for the course you want to join.
  5. A Course form and several lists appear.

  6. In the heading of the Course form, click the Course Launch button.
  7. A shorter Course form and a Course Launching list appear. The Course Launching list may display one or more options for launching the course, to allow you to optimize performance for your network connection speed.

  8. In the Course Launching list, select the option that best fits your situation, and click Launch.
  9. Depending on how the training organization has configured its system, the course may start immediately, using an HTML viewer, or the Distance Learning Conference Center may appear.

    For more information about using the Conference Center and attending Distance Learning classes, see Siebel Distance Learning Guide.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003