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Process for Creating Skill Tests and Questions

Skills tests can include the following kinds of questions:

True-or-false, single-choice, multiple-choice, and range questions can be graded automatically within eTraining. Text answers must be read, evaluated, and graded by a person with administrator privileges. Questions with a range of responses are often used to allow the student to evaluate the effectiveness of the course or instructor and are not graded.

You can define stand-alone questions that can be used in multiple tests. Similarly, you can define stand-alone tests that are not associated with training courses, allowing you to associate a test with multiple courses. You also can define pools of questions from which individual test questions are randomly drawn each time a student takes the test. For more information, see Taking a Skills Test.

To create a skills test for a training course, the administrator performs the following procedures:

  1. Creates questions and answers. The administrator creates new questions as needed for the test and specifies the answers. For more information, see Creating Training Test Questions and Answers.
  2. Creates question pools. The administrator creates new question pools for the test as needed. For more information, see Creating and Verifying Training Question Pools.
  3. Creates other test elements. For more information, see Creating Headers and Footers for Training Test Elements.
  4. Modifies the test record. For more information, see Adding a Skills Test for Training.
  5. Associates questions with the test. For more information, see Specifying Skills Test Details.

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 Published: 21 April 2003