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Specifying Courses for the Training Curriculum Steps

The following procedure describes how to designate courses for each of the Training curriculum steps.

To specify courses for the steps

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Training Administration > Curriculums.
  2. In the Curriculum list, select the curriculum for which you want to specify courses, and then click the Curriculum Steps view tab.
  3. In the Curriculum Steps list, select the step for which you want to specify courses.
  4. In the Curriculum Courses subview list, click New.
  5. In the Name field, click the select button, and in the Pick Course dialog box, select a course and click OK.
  6. In the Required field, select Y or N from the drop-down list.
  7. This value determines if the course is optional or required.

  8. (Optional) In the Points field, edit the point value for the course.
  9. The default value for each course is 10 points.

    NOTE:  The # of Required Courses field in the Curriculum Steps list determines how many courses are required to complete the step. If all of the courses are set to Optional, then any course is part of the step requirements. However, users may also set which courses are required by selecting Required in the Curriculum Courses list. These two fields allow flexibility in setting and enforcing required courses and electives.

    Repeat Step 4 through Step 7 for each course you want to add to each curriculum step.

  10. When you have finished adding the courses, save the changes.

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 Published: 21 April 2003