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Registering for Training Using the Siebel Catalog

You can register for training using the Siebel Catalog.

To register for training using the Siebel Catalog

  1. Navigate to the Catalog screen.
  2. Click a category link to navigate to a group of courses that are part of the category.
  3. For example, click the Management Training category to get a list of management courses.

  4. Click Show Course Details to view more information about the course.
  5. In the header of the Course Detail form, click Enroll.
  6. Click Check Out to display the Payment Method form, and enter your credit card and billing information.
  7. If you have used the Shopping Cart before, your previously entered information may appear for you to edit or confirm.

  8. Click Continue to display the Order Summary, verify that all the information is correct, and click Confirm Order.
  9. If your registration is successful, you automatically receive an email confirming your course enrollment.

  10. Click Return to Home Page, and click View Your Course Schedule to display the My Courses list.
  11. The list includes the training you selected, with the Status field set to Confirmed, showing that you have been registered for the training.

    NOTE:  Users can also view quote and order details from the My Account page. For more information, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

 Siebel eTraining Guide 
 Published: 21 April 2003